IEEE Communication Theory Workshop
2–5 July 2023 // Hualien, Taiwan


Stone Sculpture Museum (1.9 km from the venue)

The museum is a two-story building constructed with Shimizu formwork and piled stones. The building has a modern architecture with high ceilings. The museum building also hosts the head office of the Hualien County Cultural Affairs Bureau.


Hualien County Indigenous Museum (2.1 km from the venue)

The Hualien County Indigenous Museum was built in 2008. The gabled roof clad with flat grey tiles pays homage to the indigenous slanted slate roofs and cultural diversity of Taiwan's indigenous peoples.


Pine Garden (2.9 km from the venue)

The area was built in 1943 during the Japanese rule as a military office. The building used to be located inside a pine forest, thus earning the name. (Photo authorized by Hualien County Government)


48 Highland (3 km from the venue)

48 Highland is a small highland on the south side of Qixingtan Beach. It can overlook the panoramic view of Qixingtan Beach.


Hualien Cultural Creative Industries Park (4.1 km from the venue)

This former winery has been transformed into a creative hub featuring art galleries, craft shops, and trendy cafes. It showcases the works of local artists and offers visitors a chance to immerse themselves in Hualien's artistic scene. (Photo authorized by Hualien County Government)


Qixingtan Beach (4.4 km from the venue)

Qixingtan Beach located in a half moon-like shape gulf, the beach is famous for its beautiful natural landscape. It attracts thousands of tourists every year to visit the beach.


Dongdamen Night Market (5 km from the venue)

A bustling night market in Hualien City, Dongdamen offers a wide array of local street food, snacks, clothing, and souvenirs. It's an excellent place to experience Taiwan's vibrant night market culture. (Photo authorized by Hualien County Government)


Hualien Railway Cultural Area (5.1 km from the venue)

Situated around Hualien's historic railway station, this cultural area features preserved railway buildings and a railway-themed park. It provides insights into the region's railway history and offers enjoyable activities for families. (Photo authorized by Hualien County Government)


Farglory Ocean Park (14.8 km from the venue)

A combination of a theme park and an aquarium, Farglory Ocean Park offers a range of thrilling rides, marine animal exhibits, and entertaining shows. It is a great place for families and those seeking excitement and marine exploration.


Liyu (Carp) Lake (19.2 km from the venue)

Located in the Fuli area of Hualien, Carp Lake is a serene lake adorned with water lilies. Visitors can relax by the lake, feed the fish, or take a leisurely boat ride.


Liushidan Mountain (109 km from the venue)

A popular hiking spot, Liushidan Mountain offers panoramic views of Hualien City and its surroundings. The hike takes you through lush forests, unique rock formations, and scenic viewpoints. (Photo authorized by Hualien County Government)


(Map authorized by Hualien County Government)